Water Damage Photo Gallery

Roof Leak causes Damage

This homeowner had no idea their roof had a leak until they started to notice damage to the wall in the loft of their home. Within a very short time the damaged wall was saturated and started to fall apart. We dried out the area and removed all the damaged/wet insulation. 

Sump Pump strikes again

When this clients called us, his mother needed help. Her sump pump had failed again and luckily the basement wasn't completely finished. We needed to work fast because they were going to be out of town. We were able to get in and dry out the basement in record time.

Sewage Back Up in Highwood

When this homeowners sump pump stopped working, sewage was backed up into their basement. We had to remove drywall, cabinets, flooring and baseboards. After we cleaned and sanitized everything for them.

Sump Pump back up in Deerfield

This homeowner unfortunately had to deal with their sump pump backing up in the finished basement. SERVPRO of Highland Park/Deerfield was recommended by their neighbors and we came to pull up the flooring and dry out the basement.

Damage caused by an upstairs water leak

After a washing machine flooded the upstairs of this Vernon Hills home, there was a lot of damage to the first level that had to be fixed. All the wet and damaged ceiling and walls were replaced.

Sprinkler head Water Damage

A sprinkler head caused major flooding in a Lake Bluff Home. We used our Injectidry drying system which can remove hidden moisture from high risk areas such as specialty flooring.