Photo Gallery

Storms and Sump Pump Failure

Sometimes when mother nature decides we need a lot of rain all at once, the excess of water can cause numerous problems. This homeowner had their sump pump back up and flood their lower level. This is after we mitigated a downstairs bedroom.

Storms cause sump pump failure

Even the best sump pump set up can be tested when storms continue to come to an area. This Spring has been brutal and unfortunately this homeowner had water back up in their lower level because of this. 

Clean up with Bio Hazard

When some bodily fluids came in contact with the carpet in a Lake County Sheriff's interview room, we were called to properly clean everything. Afterwards, they could safely use the room again.

Office Clean Up after nearby Explosion

An office deep clean is never a bad thing. This office building unfortunately needed more than that when a nearby business exploded and shook the surrounding areas. Drywall and contents were everywhere.

Roof Leak causes Damage

This homeowner had no idea their roof had a leak until they started to notice damage to the wall in the loft of their home. Within a very short time the damaged wall was saturated and started to fall apart. We dried out the area and removed all the damaged/wet insulation. 

Making Connections should be Fun

Our sales and marketing team enjoys getting out in our communities and making connections. Here they are enjoying sponsoring the 16th hole at the McHenry County Chamber Golf outing. It was beautiful day and a great time. 

Waste Bin Fire Damage

Fires can start anywhere. That's why it's important to pay attention to what you throw away. This homeowner found that out when the outside waste bin caught fire, melted the siding and soffit on their garage. 

Sump Pump strikes again

When this clients called us, his mother needed help. Her sump pump had failed again and luckily the basement wasn't completely finished. We needed to work fast because they were going to be out of town. We were able to get in and dry out the basement in record time.

Smoke damage caused from fireplace

This fireplace was used without opening the damper. It caused extensive smoke damage through the condo unit. Luckily it was vacant at the time so there were no contents to worry about. Structure, duct and carpet cleaning will be needed for this job.

Polar Vortex caused pipe in kitchen to burst

Another victim of the polar Vortex, this homeowner had a pipe burst under their sink. It caused extensive damage to floors walls and cabinets. We were able to dry and clean everything for them as well as replace anything that couldn't be cleaned.

Condo Pipe Burst

A second floor unit had a pipe freeze and burst during the Polar Vortex. It damaged that unit as well as the first floor unit below then made it's way to the basement of the building. We removed all the damaged walls and insulation and dried out both units.

Pipe burst in basement ceiling

During the Polar Vortex, this homeowner unfortunately experienced a burst pipe in their basement ceiling. It leaked into the workout area and damaged the floor and walls as well. We were able to dry everything out and replace everything that was damaged.

Storm Damage to Home

We were called to help another franchise location in North Carolina after hurricanes swept through the area. This homeowner unfortunately had damage to their roof with the entire attic and crawlspace affected as well. We helped clean up and dry out the property. 

Leaky pipe in Salon

A Salon in Libertyville had a leaky pipe. We stepped in to dry out everything and clean up the water that had spread throughout. Afterward the Salon was back to "Like it never even happened."

Shopping Center water loss

Multiple units in a shopping center in Gurnee had water damage due to a burst pipe in the building. We were able to clean up the water and mess to make sure the business owners could open again. 

Church basement water loss

After a pipe burst in the lower level ceiling of Trinity Church in Waukegan, our crew was there to dry out and clean up the water and damage left behind.

House Fire

This family unfortunately had a fire start on the back or their home. We were able to clean up the damage and board up the house until everything could be rebuilt.

Northern IL Food Bank March 2019

A few members for our crew were happy to donate their time again to the Northern IL Food Bank. We had a great group and were able to package enough food for over 10,000 meals!

Sewage Back Up in Highwood

When this homeowners sump pump stopped working, sewage was backed up into their basement. We had to remove drywall, cabinets, flooring and baseboards. After we cleaned and sanitized everything for them.

Sump Pump back up in Deerfield

This homeowner unfortunately had to deal with their sump pump backing up in the finished basement. SERVPRO of Highland Park/Deerfield was recommended by their neighbors and we came to pull up the flooring and dry out the basement.

Restaurant Deep Clean

We offer commercial cleaning services and would be happy to help. A restaurant called us to help out with some cleaning. After a deep, thorough cleaning it looked like brand new again. 

Production Crew

Our hardworking production crew is here to make sure every job is handled quickly and efficiently. Their training and knowledge is always going and increasing. They will be ready whenever disaster strikes.

Kitchen Fire in Highland Park

After their toaster oven caught on fire, the homeowner was quick to respond with a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately there was still some smoke damage along with the remnant dust left by the extinguisher that needed to be cleaned. We used our air scrubber and well as other specialized equipment to get their kitchen back to pre-fire condition.

Main Street Libertyville Golf Outing 2018

Main Street Libertyville partnered with the GLMV chamber of commerce to host this fun event that is anticipated annually by the towns residents. Local businesses sponsored and local community members participated in the golf tournament.

Art of Wine at the Lehmann Mansion

SERVPRO was a sponsor for this Lindenhurst/Lake Villa Chamber of Commerce event. Proceeds from this event support chamber activities for 2019. We were happy to partner with local business to support this community event. 

Soot on Carpet

That is not a shadow! This is an image of a carpet cleaning job that we completed in a Beach Park home. The home experienced extensive soot damage after a fire. Instead of replacing the carpet, our technicians were able to clean them.

Damage caused by an upstairs water leak

After a washing machine flooded the upstairs of this Vernon Hills home, there was a lot of damage to the first level that had to be fixed. All the wet and damaged ceiling and walls were replaced.

Sprinkler head Water Damage

A sprinkler head caused major flooding in a Lake Bluff Home. We used our Injectidry drying system which can remove hidden moisture from high risk areas such as specialty flooring.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke from a fire travels everywhere. This photo shows the soot that has made it behind the drywall in a North Chicago home. Our IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians removed the dry wall to clean behind the walls with a soda blast technique.

Northern IL Food Bank

Our SERVPRO® crew supports our local community. One way is by volunteering time to Northern IL Food Bank in Park City. Our team does this as much as possible to help.