Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Waste Bin Fire Damage

Fires can start anywhere. That's why it's important to pay attention to what you throw away. This homeowner found that out when the outside waste bin caught fire, melted the siding and soffit on their garage. 

Smoke damage caused from fireplace

This fireplace was used without opening the damper. It caused extensive smoke damage through the condo unit. Luckily it was vacant at the time so there were no contents to worry about. Structure, duct and carpet cleaning will be needed for this job.

House Fire

This family unfortunately had a fire start on the back or their home. We were able to clean up the damage and board up the house until everything could be rebuilt.

Kitchen Fire in Highland Park

After their toaster oven caught on fire, the homeowner was quick to respond with a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately there was still some smoke damage along with the remnant dust left by the extinguisher that needed to be cleaned. We used our air scrubber and well as other specialized equipment to get their kitchen back to pre-fire condition.

Soot on Carpet

That is not a shadow! This is an image of a carpet cleaning job that we completed in a Beach Park home. The home experienced extensive soot damage after a fire. Instead of replacing the carpet, our technicians were able to clean them.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke from a fire travels everywhere. This photo shows the soot that has made it behind the drywall in a North Chicago home. Our IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians removed the dry wall to clean behind the walls with a soda blast technique.