Commercial Photo Gallery

Clean up with Bio Hazard

When some bodily fluids came in contact with the carpet in a Lake County Sheriff's interview room, we were called to properly clean everything. Afterwards, they could safely use the room again.

Office Clean Up after nearby Explosion

An office deep clean is never a bad thing. This office building unfortunately needed more than that when a nearby business exploded and shook the surrounding areas. Drywall and contents were everywhere.

Leaky pipe in Salon

A Salon in Libertyville had a leaky pipe. We stepped in to dry out everything and clean up the water that had spread throughout. Afterward the Salon was back to "Like it never even happened."

Shopping Center water loss

Multiple units in a shopping center in Gurnee had water damage due to a burst pipe in the building. We were able to clean up the water and mess to make sure the business owners could open again. 

Church basement water loss

After a pipe burst in the lower level ceiling of Trinity Church in Waukegan, our crew was there to dry out and clean up the water and damage left behind.

Restaurant Deep Clean

We offer commercial cleaning services and would be happy to help. A restaurant called us to help out with some cleaning. After a deep, thorough cleaning it looked like brand new again.