Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Power Outage causes Water Damage

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Basement Bedroom Water Damage

Sump pumps are there to help keep water out of your house's lower level. They help pump the water out and away from your home. Sump pumps don't always do their ... READ MORE

Water damage restoration

This home experienced extensive water damage from the second story washing machine that affected several bedrooms, the downstairs kitchen and living room. When ... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration Work

When an upstairs washing machine caused water damage in this home it didn’t just stay on the second floor! The water traveled throughout the home affectin... READ MORE

Washing Machine Water Damage

A washing machine that was located in the upstairs of a Vernon Hills, IL home caused water damage. The homeowner began by trying to use towels to assist in soak... READ MORE

Water Damage in Vernon Hills

A kitchen was restored after water damage from a washing machine that leaked on the second floor of this home. The homeowners tried to clean up the water themse... READ MORE